Why Johnny can’t speak German

This morning I was mooching free internet in a coffee shop in downtown Graz, which is a city in the southeastern part of Austria. While ordering my drink, I realized that, after three years of high school German, while receiving fairly high grades, I still had extreme difficulty ordering coffee.

I did not have to ponder long as to why this was the case. The reason for my inefficiency in German had to do with the fact that, instead of using class time to actually teach the German language and culture, my German teacher had used class time primarily to spread her cultural Marxist ideology and deep hatred of Donald J. Trump. Since my freshman year, this teacher of mine had always spouted leftist propaganda and done everything in her power to publicly shame anyone remotely conservative, but with the success of Donald Trump’s campaign, and the rise in American nationalism, this woman who claims to be a German teacher has used more and more time—funded by tax-payers—to do nothing other than further her own political agenda.

Richard Spencer, who is known by most as a founder of the alt-right, made an appearance at Texas A&M University; the event was tremendously controversial and made national headlines. I attended the event not having any idea as to whether it would be a room full of skinheads waving the Nazi flag, or if the mainstream media had put it in a far more negative light than it truly deserved. I found the talk to be quite interesting, and realized that what the alt-right was all about seemed pretty reasonable. It seemed like there should have been no sort of comparison whatsoever to some sort of Klu Klux Klan or Nazi sympathizer group.

The next morning in my so-called German class, a girl who is one of those blue haired, future cat lady, SJW types, started off the day by making sure to virtue signal to the rest of the class by bragging about how brave she had been for participating in the “War against the Fascists,” by being a protester at the event. After she was finished spewing how righteously superior she was to the rest of us so-called deplorables, I announced that I had also attended the event, but that I had given Richard Spencer his first amendment right and respectfully listened to the talk with an open mind.

Immediately after saying this I was pounced on by the teacher and told that anybody who had attended the event, and sat down while doing nothing to try and stop Spencer’s hate-speech, was no better than the Germans who sat by while the Holocaust took place. She then rambled on about how ashamed she was of me, or something else along those lines.

On November 8, 2016, Donald J. Trump was elected into office, after more than a year of more than half the country, and virtually all of the mainstream media, telling us that it could never be done. The morning after the victory, two of my fellow classmates and I walked into our second-period German class with hearty grins, while wearing our fair share of MAGA gear. Immediately after class began, our so-called teacher calmly stated that she was glad that the three of us were happy, and then went into complete autistic screeching mode, calling the three of us “literal rapists.”

I’m going to say this again, I and two of my fellow students were called “literal rapists” in front of the rest of our class, purely on the basis of having differing political views than our teacher.

At one point during her SJW cringe-fest, she lifted her foot on top of the desk, grabbed her groin area screaming at the top of her lungs, and asked if we thought it was okay for us to “Grab her by the pussy.”

This type of political shaming by the regressive Left shouldn’t be accepted in a school setting, where students should be having their eyes opened to a diverse range of political views so they can form their own political compass. Students should not be automatically censored and shunned just because their views don’t align perfectly with mainstream politics. And teachers should teach what they are paid to teach.

These were the thoughts that crossed my mind while embarrassingly trying to put together the few German words I knew in order to order my coffee, a task you would think most foreign language students would have mastered after completion of their third year.

One thought on “Why Johnny can’t speak German

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