The Church & Politics 

In 1973, Jean Raspail wrote a book that envisioned a future where masses of poor and helpless refugees migrate to Europe and other white nations, and destroy the western world as we know it today. Anybody who watches the news, and has been at least slightly “red pilled,” realizes that Raspail’s theory is frighteningly accurate, and almost prophetic. In the book millions and millions of migrants are sailing in the direction of Europe, and the Chinese are flooding across the border into the Soviet Union. This is similar to Europe and the United States having the major immigration they are dealing with today. Also similar to the book, modern western politicians are in full support of this white genocide, and a large percentage of people believe in the idea that we need the West to be one big multicultural melting pot with no national identity whatsoever.

Being both Catholic and a nationalist, the most alarming comparison between Raspails prophetic vision and current times to me is that of the Pope’s view on immigration . In the book, the Pope is of Latin American descent, is “in tune with the times,” is congenial to the press, calls for “universal love,” and advocates for open borders to the world’s migrants for the sins of the West. Pope Francis who is also of Latin American descent, said something along those very lines when he addressed Congress by telling America to throw open her borders to thousands of impoverished migrants, in part to atone for the “sins” of the colonial era. He followed almost word for word what the Pope stated in the book “Camp of the Saints”.

I understand where the Pope is coming from when saying that we need to atone for the sins of colonialism, because Europeans did take advantage of many undeveloped countries during the colonial era, but there is nothing we can do to atone for those wrong doings. The easiest way to destroy a people is to replace their national pride and identity with guilt and self-loathing, and that is what is currently going on in our society. Our people should be wary of the sins of their ancestors, but, more importantly, be extremely proud of everything their parents have done to create the wonderful world they live in today.

Nations have the right of conquest, simply because, if a nation has the desire and ability to conquer foreign areas of land, they will. However, countries also have the right to defend themselves against any people, enemy or not. These rights of conquest and defending your nation are not written down in some United Nations law book, or even morally supported by religious standards, but are yet laws of nature. Just like the law of nature that the moon revolves the earth, nations will always battle and defend themselves—it is simply a law of nature—and the United States and European countries shouldn’t be told they are somehow morally superior, or that it is its duty due to its past, not to defend themselves from non-natives. Nations throughout all of time and around the globe have practiced their rights to conquer and defend, and we in the West shouldn’t have those rights taken away just because we were good at what we did. I understand that Western men may have done some terrible things in the past, but so has every other nation.

And, as a matter of fact, Western countries have done a lot of great things to help the human race, which I cannot say about every other nation. Therefore the West has just as much of a right to defend its race and culture as any other people.

Pope Francis, being the trendy hipster that he is, had to jump on the band wagon of smearing Donald Trump every chance he got, especially on issues having to do with border security, which is an issue that I personally believe should not be on the Church’s political agenda. Pope Francis stated that people who build walls cannot be considered true Christians. However, to my knowledge, no Catholic teaching that states protecting your nation from outsiders is in anyway sinful—and Vatican City is protected by walls!

The church does, however, have an official stance, backed up by religious doctrine, on homosexuality, abortion, and the trans community, and yet the Pope did nothing to address these issues during the 2016 election cycle. He also did nothing to condemn the candidate who heavily supported homosexuality, abortion, and people who changed their biological gender.

The Pope and many others in the Catholic Church have completely cucked, by attempting to coax Catholics into believing that there is nothing their ancestors did to be proud of, and that they should do nothing to make their country a better place for their children. The Pope spoke to E.U. leaders saying that “[f]orms of populism are … the fruit of an egotism that hems people in and prevents them from overcoming and ‘looking beyond’ their own narrow vision.” However, according to polls from the 2016 election, the majority of American Catholics still voted for Trump, despite constant defamation of Mr. Trump by our Pope, most likely because many of the causes Francis was advocating for didn’t really resonate with American Catholics.

Even though I have harped quite a bit on the Catholic Church, I realize that we are faring a little better than quite a few Christian churches in upholding traditional doctrine, such as our stance on homosexuality. Quite a number of protestant churches no longer consider homosexuality a sin, and are doing their best to hire as many lesbian pastors as possible. While we are not sticking to our morals as well as, say, the Church of Latter Day Saints, who recently pulled out of Boy Scouts due to differing views on the LGBT community, we are in some ways still behind the curve of churches cucking.

Being a Catholic, I respect the office of the Pope, and I respect the Pope. However, as a white identitarian and civic nationalist, I disagree with him politically and think he should lead the Church in a different direction when advocating for certain political issues, or try his best to keep the Church and politics from clashing as much as possible.


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