Socialism in an Ethno-State?

Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s Chief Strategist, is avidly advocating for a tax increase on the top tax bracket in order to give a tax break on middle and lower class households. This begins to ask the question if populist immigration reform and populist economic reform go hand in hand, considering that each of these stances are usually found on opposite sides of the political party spectrum.

The typical conservative or right-wing libertarian will go on and on about how socialism never works and that the government taking your money is literally theft. I too was once like these boomer cucks who think that the real political battle is still that between capitalists and socialists, but after being thoroughly red pilled I came to realize that there is so much more meaningful causes to fight for.

The idea of libertarian capitalism was extremely attractive to white people, because they had to come to the realization that they are being taken advantage of by folks who crossed the Rio Grande last week, because our government is taking money from hard working people and handing it out to those who haven’t worked a day in their life.

However the Libertarian party lost a significant amount of members, because members came to the realization that the real problem has to do with immigration and race. The libertarian party candidate Gary Johnson was nothing more than a pot head who advocated for open borders. By 2016 most libertarians were red pilled enough to realize that open borders would ultimately be a disaster, and therefore most jumped on the trump train or even converted to the alt-right.

The Center for Immigration studies shows that 73% of immigrants from Central America and Mexico, 51% of immigrants from the Caribbean, and 48% of African immigrants are all on some sort of welfare. Compared to only 26% of European immigrants and 32% East Asian immigrants in America being on some sort of welfare program. The correlates pretty parallel to I.Q. by race, despite immigrants from Central America having a higher average I.Q. than Africans and being more on some sort of welfare, but this is most likely caused by how much easier it is for Latinos to travel to our country than Africans.

Once the Alt-right was able to redpill their former libertarian members that immigration was the main cause of their economic problems, and not government programs. They were able to take in a new set of members with a slightly different set of political ideologies into their camp. These were the Bernie Bros, these guys were typically white males who dreamed of having a progressive country similar to that of Sweden. After the DNC email leak that revealed the Democratic Party was against Sanders since the very beginning, and their beloved candidate betrayed them by placing all of his support behind a candidate who was a corrupt member of the deep state. A few of these Feel the Bern sort of guys did some soul searching, and came to the realization that the only way for programs such as a one-payer health care system to work would be in a country which wasn’t a huge melting pot of cultures and identities, and that in order for these government programs to work, you have to have smart people with a strong sense of national and ethnic identity and a nation with a majority of racial, cultural, linguistic, and

religious homogeneity. The number of these Bernie Sander supporters turned alt-right are quite miniscule. However, it still opens up the question if socialism would work in an ethno-state.

In Marxist theory socialism is defined as a transitional social state between the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of communism. I am not necessarily advocating for Marxist Socialism, National Socialism, or Democratic Socialism. I am just making the case that a true ethno-state would be able to be far more socialist than America is today, even though America already takes in trillions and trillions of dollars in taxes, in order to fund government programs. In developed countries such as Sweden the people have such strong racial homogeneity that they see each other as brothers, and are perfectly fine with having an almost 60% income tax. Long before Karl Marx came around, nordic countries had what they called the Law of Jante, which puts individual prosperity in a negative light, and emphasizes the idea of citizens doing whatever they can to forward their nation and their people. This Law of Jante obviously worked, because Sweden has one of the highest satisfaction rates in the world, and is ranked eighth on the Legatum Prosperity Index while only having a population of ten million. Sadly, this will no longer be the case in the next ten years or so, due to the massive influx of refugees coming into the country. Even in an ethno-state, there will be bums mooching off of the working class, and we would have to set up a system to prevent that from occurring. However we can look at what Sweden once was as a goal for a perfect ethno-state in the future.

Your typical Ronald Reagan Republican will never fail to point out the fact that countries such as Venezuela who are run by a socialist government have starving families in the street right now, and they’re absolutely right. However, Venezuela is still a developing country and non-white developing countries are in no way going to be able to run a socialist nation. Capitalism is very well likely the only way for underdeveloped countries in Africa and South America to evolve. Most Americans, truly love socialism, yet hate the term socialism. Our education system is socialist, our health care system is socialist, and for the most part Americans are completely on board with those programs.

I understand that if action isn’t taken soon and policies don’t change we will be a country filled with people who have no racial identity, four or five different genders, and are either muslim extremist or go to the church of Taco Bell multiple times a day. However I decided to write this article to not only trigger your typical leftists about racial theory, but also your regular old joe who preaches about the good old days with Barry Goldwater and “muh capitalism”. While capitalism has been great for the United States, in recent years it has began to hurt the people with big corporations advocating for mass migration in order to gain cheap labor. And I understand that if the American People went forward with a more Law of Jante approach, we wouldn’t be dealing with an immigration crisis that is going to risk the survival of our history, our culture, and our race.

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