This is not Hombrero Land

Just the other day while working at my day job, where I am a lifeguard at a city pool, we had to deal with a family who didn’t speak English. No one working during the shift could speak spanish and I had to call up a good buddy of mine who was fluent in the language to translate. Of course I can’t be too hypocritical, because they could very well be traveling, and I have been in there position many a time when traveling in a foreign country. However living in Texas, the typical mexican family you meet is not on their summer vacation. The family not understanding a lick of English also points to the likelihood of them not being legal. Pondering over the incident in my mind while going back on stand motivated me to think of laws I would put in place if I were in power, dealing with immigration, the demise of the white race, and the current culture war. Of course the best case scenario would be to repeal the 1965 immigration and naturalization act, but here are some more realistic goals until that happens.


  1. Check for green cards, before entering any sort of facility run by the government.
  2. Require proficiency in the English language to attain citizenship.
  3. Do away with all Dual-language programs in school and ban schools from writing letters to parents in languages other than English.
  4. Have a system set up that alerts I.C.E. as soon as people over extend their work visas, and have agents deport them immediately.
  5. Build the Wall.
  6. Require voter registration.
  7. Deny immigrants any money from the government for a span of being a citizen for twenty years, with no criminal record.
  8. Make the criminal charges against people who employ illegals more severe.
  9. Subsidize white parents having white children.
  10. Randomly have law enforcement pull over cars, and check for green cards.


Oathkeepers who think of the Constitution as equivalent to the Bible, will blow a fuse over this for being “muh unconstitutional”.  However, just like putting the Japanese in internment camps in WW2, and George Bush getting Congress to pass the “Patriots Act”. Wartime calls for the Bill of Rights to become less important than national security. Even though the President has not declared war, this may be the most important battle of our people, because so many people are not fighting back. This is us fighting for our survival, and I am more than willing to give up a few of my constitutional rights for it. The main goal of these laws is to make it seem to an illegal hombrero that life is far better in Mexico than in the states, and the only free rides we should be giving are in a helicopter.

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