The Future

There have been a number of statistics that tell us that white people will be a minority in the U.S. by the year 2040. Your typical globalist will tell you about how America is a melting pot, and how we don’t need homogeneity. However these people most likely do drugs, because our civilization will crumble if the current trend continues. If people don’t have any sort of biological connection to a country’s culture and history, they are not going to strive to make the nation better. The few of us who see what is happening, need to be doing everything on our power to stop it.

Politicians who in the past have made a career purely on economic policy and environmental reform are long gone. Current politics will deal with the survival of a people. We need people from our camp to get positions in local, state, and federal government. We need to have people in elected office, and other government jobs. We must take over the deep state and eradicate the people who are planning for our extinction.

The alt-right is still early in the process of being somewhat normalized. However we do not have all the time in the world. Those of us in the alt-right, understand that we need to act now. I know we have a lot of Generation Z members (including myself) who will be  in college and the entering the workforce in the not too far off future.  We need to infiltrate these systems that seem to be against our very existence. We need people to become congressmen, senators, governors, mayors, political staffers, or somehow fill in numerous other government positions. We need people changing our education curriculum and have our people take control of the media. If all we do is make a few podcasts and troll some libtards on twitter, nothing much will change. We must take action now!

If you enjoy hearing English when you go to the grocery store. If you enjoy visiting statues and monuments built in order to remember the heroic acts of your ancestors. If you believe that your heritage is more important than the new yeezy release. Then you need to get involved now! Join your local Identity Europa chapter, attend free speech rallies, go to conferences such as N.P.I. or AmRen. Read articles on the internet, listen to podcasts, and read books. We need strong and intellectual men to move the movement. Stay away from disgusting foods that are terrible for your body, take the intake of pornography and drugs out of your life, and get a gym membership for god’s sake. No one knows what the future will hold, but right now it is looking pretty grim if change doesn’t happen soon. Donald Trump was great, but that won’t do much if we don’t continue the movement.

If you care for your people and want to protect them, get involved. We don’t exactly know what’s coming, but we need to be prepared. In 2020 I want to see political rallies held for an alt right member running for congress were he is being introduced by Mike Enoch or Richard Spencer. By 2025 the topic of white identity should not be defined on wikipedia as being associated with the Klu Klux Klan and the Nazi Party. By 2030 our goal should be to have legislation that virtually forbids immigration from non-white countries, and subsidizes family having white children. I know this seems like a lot, but if we don’t want to be a minority in our own country then we must get involved now.

26 thoughts on “The Future

  1. The concept of ethnicity is nothing more than a mental construct. By removing ethnicity from education, politics, social class, and other variations of our perceived world, then and only then will everyone live in complete harmony. It’s a beautiful world, we can all share it.


  2. Can you take possession of government without government taking possession of you? There must be something in that Potomac River water, since everyone goes to Washington saying they will change the place, but then comes home strangely changed.

    Jake Paul @ People can’t share if they’ve got nothing to call their own. Good fences make good neighbors!


  3. @ hesper we are entitled to nothing. Everything we have is because God has elotted it to us. It is his doing to welcome foreigners into our land just as we have been welcomed here ourselves. Might I remind you that this land was once theirs and we took it.


    1. “They” did not, in fact, welcome us, or each other for that matter. Native American could have held out longer, and might still hold more land today, if they hadn’t been fighting among themselves while “they” were also fighting “us”.

      Your theological point is true, but it by no means follows that what God gives us we must immediately turn around and give to someone else. If that were the case, one might suppose that God would have given it to them in the first place. The commandment is to use our talents for the benefit of others, not give them away.

      I would add that many of these foreigners were “given” perfectly good countries of their own. There is nothing inherently wrong with Mexico, for instance.

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    2. They had no sense of ownership of the land, and they were extremely hostile to us. The Native Americans were almost killed off because they couldn’t defend the land. If anything we should learn from the Native Americans, that we must protect the land we occupy in order to protect our people.


  4. @ hesper and cotton
    Most people wishing to come to America from Latin America only aspire to ensure their families a better life. While there is nothing enherently wrong with Mexico, the standard of living is better in the United States. I cannot blame someone for wanting to provide better for their family. Immigration from Latin America is a good thing, as they are primarily catholic good hearted people. God would want us to welcome them.


  5. I would not deny that a great many Mexicans are hard-working, good-hearted, well-meaning, God-fearing people. I do not object to living in a society where they make up a sizable, but stable, minority. One does not have to be a xenophobe or a bigot to oppose rapid change in the ethnic composition of one’s population. There are two basic reasons for this. (1) I am part of a heritage that I have a holy obligation to honor (see Proverbs 20:20). I can do this only where people who more or less share that heritage are a sizable (but of course tolerant) majority. (2) I am part of a society in which minorities enjoy certain legal privileges, even when they are actually majorities (e.g. women). I have no interest in increasing the proportion of people who enjoy these legal privileges. It is possible to say this without disputing the justice of the legal privileges that already exist.

    It is not at all obvious that God would want us to welcome them. I not certain that he wouldn’t, but it seems to me fairly clear that God is not especially concerned with people’s “standard of living.” From God’s perspective, earthly existence is not about enjoying some “standard of living,” but about making one’s way to Heaven or Hell. On average, raising one’s standard of living raises one’s chances of going to Hell. So God may not be so enthusiastic about people raising their standard of living.


  6. What happened to Jake Paul’s last comment? I realize he was just repeating the leftist talking points about how wonderful multiculturalism is, how that inviting cultural and demographic suicide is ‘doing the Lord’s work,’ and blah blah. And I’m sure you’re not especially interested in hosting such nonsense, which is perfectly understandable, but it does nevertheless provide context for the points Hesper is addressing above.

    But anyway, I would simply caution Jake to avoid at all costs falling into the absurdity (to borrow from William James) of believing a thing based on the number of times, and frequency of which, it is repeated.


  7. @ hesper and Terry Morris
    As the United States of America, we are not entitled to represent a majority. As we are a nation of Immigrants (excluding Native Indians), it is factual to say that majority only exists by coincince. Because we are a nation that accepts migrants, it is justified that the demographic of the states changes with the flow of world events. In the 18th century, Europe experienced many hardships; as a result many immigrants fled and moved to the US and Australia. Americans didn’t want these immigrants because they took jobs, housing, food, and other commodities that born Americans felt entitled to. Mind you these are other White people of the same race that were persecuted. The funny thing is… many of these immigrants were our now ancestors. Flash forward to now, we see a new demographic switch, this time not from Europe or China, but from Latin America and the Middle East. These people, like our ancestors, have every right to life in our country, just as every other demographic has previously held. It is a thought we hold as Americans that the land we possess is our own because of our background, but that is far from the case. America is a melting pot, it is a shapeshifting heap of mess that can never be tamed, or never be attempted to change for the sake of our constitution. If boggles my mind that a country of immigrants can be so hostile towards immigrants.


    1. Except for the fact that these Europeans were our brothers and we had much more in common with them than the immigrants we see today. It did take time for them to assimilate, however they have all fully assimilated by the second or third generation while we have many African Americans from the American Revolution who have not fully assimilated.


    1. Again, that ^^^ is not me; it is someone else *posing* as me under my name.

      I’ll have to rework my entire profile I suppose.


  8. Jake Paul @ How far does a man have to move to be an immigrant? And how long does he have to stay in the same place to be a native? I put these questions because I believe thinking about them cuts through a lot of smoke when it comes to the immigration question. The Navaho Indians, for instance, moved from northern Canada to their present location in the American southwest around 1400. That’s about 2,000 miles about 600 years ago. My ancestors moved from England to Connecticut, about 3,000 miles, nearly 400 years ago. Are the Navaho “natives” of the American southwest? Am I an immigrant to North America?

    If you say that natives travel 450 years, I’ll begin to suspect you might be guilty of special pleading. But the truth of the matter is that these quantitative measures are a small part of the question. The big question is, how much does the newcomer’s arrival disrupt the life that was already going on in the place when they arrived? The big question is conflict, as the Indians learned to their grief.

    The Indians were right to resist European “immigration” (actually it was invasion) because that immigration (invasion) was certain to massively disrupt the Indian way of life. They would not have been impressed by talk of “a shapeshifting heap of mess” since they had no desire to live in “a shapeshifting heap of mess.” They wished to live as Iroquois, or Choctaw, or Sioux, and they were clear-sighted enough to understand that this would be impossible if there were Englishmen and Scots living on the other side of the hill. I do not see how it is possible to draw a pro-immigration lesson from the history of America’s frontier wars. To be honest, the lesson of America’s frontier wars would seem to be “shoot all immigrants before they set foot on shore” (not a policy I advocate, by the way).

    I use the word “immigration” in the preceding paragraph reluctantly, since the people I am talking about were invaders, conquers, and settlers, not immigrants. An immigrant joins an existing society, and the European conquers and sellers had no intention of joining Indian societies (and those societies had no intention of admitting them). This is why it is nonsense to call descendants of the European invaders a “Nation of Immigrants.” For better or worse, we are a Nation of Conquers. Thus, to frame your argument in proper language, it would maintain that, “because your ancestors were conquers, you should allow yourself to be conquered.” It wouldn’t be a popular slogan, but it would be honest.

    It is doubtful that any slogan will be necessary, though, since the conquering spirit seems largely to have died, and the future will likely be “a shape-shifting heap of mess.”


    1. Exactly, just because our ancestors conquered doesn’t mean we don’t have the right to defend what is ours. Also let me point out that literally every other race has a racial majority in their countries except for whites.


  9. @Hesper and Cotton
    Nearly 7 US state names have Spanish origins. Another 26 have Native American origins. While Hesper is entirely correct that as Anglo Saxons we are not immigrants but rather Conquerors, the fact still remains that these ethnic groups make up a large percentage of our culture already. Being that our southwestern states were once owned by Mexico, there are many Hispanic people that have been living in the region since before the region became the United States. They are the culture of the region. Southern Louisiana and eastern Virginia were home to many Black sub-Saharan Africans during the days of slavery. Their decendants today provide a subculture much different from that of the stereotypical White American. The culture of Oklahoma is a clash between the displaced Natives and expansionist Europeans. These people are already a part of our history, they are our story. They are us. We are them.

    I have lived my entire life so far with a variety of different associates all of whom have come from different backgrounds and with families from all over the world. These friends of mine and I have always managed to get along because above all things we share in common, we are tolerant and accepting of each other. Like I stated in my initial comment, only when we disregard our heritage as a blockade for harmony, is when we will truly live in peace with one another. ” The messenger will bear witness against those who thrust aside the alien.”Malachi 3:5


    1. You and your friends may very well get along, just as I and many minority’s get along today. However, for the most part, when racial groups have the opportunity they make the decision to stay with their group. Diversity just like communism sounds like a great thing, until you hear the catch. If people wanted to create some completely diverse country or a country with one race that was a mix of all the races, I would do nothing to stop them, but I don’t know why that has to happen to only white nations. Why are white nations the only countries that are expected to do this. Having influences from other cultures and people in our country is a great thing, as long as we continue to hold the dominating culture. Your friends may have very well assimilated, yet the majority of these people don’t get along very well in this country. With the emergence of identity politics, having minorities vote in large blocks like they are doing, white people must vote with their race. Identity politics is a terrible thing, because you can’t vote on policy, yet it is what we must do. If you had given Americans the right to vote on the 1965 immigration act they would have most likely voted no. They were told that they would not see a huge change in demographics, however we are slowly seeing the white majority slip away. In places such as South Africa were there is a white minority we have seen a huge genocide, over 70,000 white farmers have been killed and the government is doing nothing. Our fathers may have done some “mean things” doesn’t mean we need to see our children being slaughtered. Some people need a racial identity, otherwise they face identity crisis, because they have some in-complete made up identity as a skater or a jock. Having a racial identity gives you a purpose, it makes you feel like you’re part of a family which for most people is human instinct. We’ve seen that mixed children already are having identity crisis, they’re suicide and depression rates are higher. If everyone was one beige mix of all the races, sure it would end a lot of problems, however it would cause a huge identity crisis. It makes everyone different yet at the same time everyone the same. Having a mono-race and a mono-culture are exactly what these globalists such as Mark Zuckerberg and George Soto’s are advocating for. A bunch of low-testosterone, drug intaking, consumers who spend their days buying their Whole Foods items and watching porn on Vr goggles. This is why races like the asians(besides South Korea) and the Jews have almost complete ethnostates,


  10. If you are going to argue that what we did to the Indians was wrong, then you cannot make the argument that what is happening to America today isn’t wrong.


  11. Cotton:

    Why are white nations the only countries that are expected to do this.

    Because white western nations are the most successful and therefore have the highest standard of living. Everybody wants a piece of that pie, and we have our own white liberals who want to give it to them at the expense of our own people. Any nation can handle a certain amount of diversity, but as you point out as well, there is a limit which must not be exceeded, otherwise whatever successes we’ve had, economically and so forth, will begin to turn into failures.

    The huge influx of Hispanics in southern states, and their taking over jobs and industries white Americans once dominated (e.g. the construction industry) has simply served to drive wages down and lower the standard of living for white Americans.

    That’s one aspect of the problem, but certainly not the extent of it. There is a reason Americans have become less and less self-governing and more and more dependent on the government to take care of them in virtually all aspects of life, cradle to grave. There is also a reason the U.S. has become far more totalitarian and micro-managerial over the last several decades. It’s called cultural diversity.


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