Unite the Right Rally Recap

Many of you know the events that took place over the weekend in Charlottesville, Va. There was a rally hosted by Jason Kessler which was held in order to protest the removal of confederate statues. The Unite the Right rally was filled with alt righters and true hard core conservatives, who were against the vote that will soon be taking place to remove the statue of Robert E. Lee.

The night before a large gathering of alt righters gathered for a march through the city, most sporting a white polo and carrying a Tiki Torch. Many in the media claimed it resembled the Klu Klux Klan. However from the pictures and videos I saw it seemed very moving and even beautiful in a way. The night involved little to no conflict between the men yielding tiki torches and men whom to most would no longer be recognizable as men.

rts1bg2a.jpg.CROP.promo-xlarge2Friday afternoon U.S. District Court Glen E. Conrad made the decision that the Unite the Rally would be allowed to stay in Emancipation Park just like as planned. Everyone planning on attending the rally was already at the park when National Guard suddenly claimed that the gathering was unlawful. The emergency order came in at 11:06 am, at that time virtually no violence had occurred. Leaders of the Unite the Right rally stood their ground, because they had the proper permits to be at the park. These speakers such as Richard Spencer, Jason Kessler, and Nathan Damigo were maced and then dragged out by the Police and National Guard. Several alt right members were detained, but as far as I know no one from our camp was arrested. IMG_8497

Michael Signer who is the mayor of Charlottesville is a democrat, who graduated from Berkeley, and spoke out against Donald Trump. He is also very jewish. After all of those facts you can pretty much already figure out that he was not in support of the event. Same goes for vice mayor Wes Bellamy, whom we heard about back in 2016 for extremely anti-white tweets.

The same sort of mind set towards the rally was held by the rest of the city council. 

The Alt right not being given their first amendment right is not something new. Back in 2016 there was talk of not allowing Richard Spencer to speak at Texas A&M University. And later in 2017 when Spencer came to Auburn they actually cancelled his event for “muh security reasons”, until he went to court where he won his right to speak at the university. The city council also tried to shut down the event, and just like Auburn they lost in court.

There was a huge antifa presence at the event, and when the police pushed the Unite the Right attendees out of Lee Park they brought them right into the hands of antifa. There was major violence going on in the streets. Fistfights were going on everywhere you looked. Members of antifa and BLM were throwing bricks at rally attendees, people including Baked Alaska were pepper sprayed badly, and someone even had a flame thrower.

You would think that since the government cared so much about preventing violence that they had to cancel the event, that they would hold back protesters and do their best to keep the two sides from clashing. If anything they did the exact opposite. Large groups from the rally were told by the National Guard that if they did not disperse into smaller groups they would be arrested on site. Not being in large herds made alt righters much more vulnerable to attack from the unhinged members of the left. Similar to the Battle of Berkeley, the police did absolutely nothing to prevent any of this from happening. If anything, this proves that the George Soros funded Trannies and BLM advocates are part of the establishment and that our movement is not. Our people(white people) are truly facing a civil rights issue. Events like these will only help grow our numbers and spread our message.

Some time during all this chaos James Alex Fields Jr. who was from Ohio, plowed his Dodge Challenger into a group of Unite the Right protesters. One woman was killed and up to 19 are slightly to very seriously injured. The action was wrong, and there is nothing that can atone for the actions he did. There are pictures of James with fellow members of the alt right and he was sporting a white polo, so as of right now it seems as if he was one of us.

Despite the actions of James Fields being horrendous, there is word that he had been victim to leftists throwing bricks at him and that he may have truly thought his life was at risk. Even if that is true, he still acted extremely carelessly. Mike Enoch and countless other leaders in the alt right made sure to tell their followers that they did not condone violence against the left of any kind.

The next day, news stations interviewed Fields mother, who told reporters that she thought her son was just going to some sort of Trump rally. Watching the interview of the mother you learn that she had no idea what happened to her son until after the interview started. Learning that her son had just plowed through a group of protestors and was charged with second degree murder somehow did almost nothing to faze her. I have no idea if she had just smoked 12 grams of marijuana or what, but this does raise some questions.

Either way the action was terrible and I have the utmost sympathy for the woman killed at the rally. The alt right is however not responsible for this action and the blood is on the hands of  the city of Charlottesville. If only they had allowed the alt right to speak or maybe even allowed their police force to act like a police force none of this would’ve happened.

The following day Jason Kessler a writer for Virginia Dare, held a press conference to discuss what happened the day before. As you can see in the video, nothing has changed with the lefts violent tactics against those they disagree with.

The incident with the Charger ramming into the crowd of protestors was terrible, but the blood is not on our hands. Alt right leaders continuously condemned violence before the event. We had the permit to be there, and the government took away our civil rights. They took our first amendment right away, pushed us into violent protestors, and did nothing to protect us. The blood of Heather Heyer is on antifa, BLM, and the city of Charlottesville.

2 thoughts on “Unite the Right Rally Recap

  1. Even if that is true, he still acted extremely carelessly.

    As have our intrepid leaders on the political “right” who have declared Fields’s act to be an act of “domestic terrorism” – something they can’t possibly know to be the case at this point, if they can even put an accurate definition to it. Which is very doubtful.

    There is information now surfacing concerning Mr. Fields’s apparent bouts with mental instability. Given the statements of some of our politicians immediately following the event, I’m pretty sure a mental evaluation needs to be done on *them*. No surprise there, of course.


    1. True, politicians including Donald Trump were quick to claim it was an act of terrorism. Not one politician stood up for the alt right. It could very well have been a white supremacist act of terrorism, but as of right now it seems much more likely that the man in the car was in fear of his life or like you said he may have been mentally ill. Whatever really happened we should not draw conclusions until we have more information, or at least that is what we are told every other day when a new jihadist blows up a few europeans. The losing of a life is always sad, but the alt right were the last group to spark violence of any kind on Aug 12.


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