Political Activism

A combination of mass immigration and anti-white rhetoric has helped create nationalist movements through out Europe and The United States. With the vote for Brexit and election of Donald Trump, nationalist movements have been spreading like wild fire. The alt right is one of the fastest growing nationalist movements in the country. Last year the alt right was known to a very select few, and it was only talked about in the deep dark depths of the internet. The group was brought into the spot light by mainstream media after Hillary Clinton brought up the group during a debate between her and Donald Trump, trying to slander Donald Trump by associating him with the group. Donald Trump still won the election, and the alt right has grown in numbers by the thousands.

Leaders of the movement have done a great job by spreading their message with articles, videos, and podcasts over the internet. However, with controversial sites on the far right being purged by their hosts, and the social media accounts of conservative figures being banned, the internet is no longer our homeland. Alt right groups need to be doing more of what we saw over the past weekend in Charlottesville. We need to be having rallies, protests, and demonstrations in cities all over the nation.

Nationalist and Identitarian groups in Europe are known to go out in public and have political demonstrations. The college group Identity Evropa has also been involved in real life activism. We need to be having these demonstrations as often and in as many places as possible. The more events we have, the more we will be mentioned by the media. We are growing fast, but even at this rate we won’t be able to accomplish much until it is too late. Fake News is making the same mistake they made while covering Donald Trump. The more media coverage he got whether it was good or bad, the more popular he became. With doing public events and getting the mainstream media to cover us, we will reach more and more people who we may have not been able to reach over the internet. Even when we are being called neo-nazis by Fake News, we get coverage, which gets people to research the movement, which eventually helps red pill them. The whole nazi image is a bad aesthetic, and it only hurts the movement, but in the end it doesn’t matter much, because any one who is slightly right-wing will be considered a Nazi anyway. An Austrian nationalist youth organization makes a political statement against the Islamization of Europe by putting a hijab on a statue of Austrian Empress Maria Theresa.

Having demonstrations like these are what local groups in the movement need to be doing. If you and a bunch of local buddies all share the same views on immigration and cultural marxism then you need to be taking a stand. I understand that the threat of doxxing is very real and that it can have serious consequences. Members who have been doxxed have lost jobs, been threatened, disowned by friends and family members, kicked out of school, and even attacked by groups such as antifa. People need to realize that doxxing will be the very least of their worries in about twenty to thirty years when white people are minorities and we are treated as second class citizens in a country that our forefathers built. When we have laws such as they do in the European Union were people can go to jail for criticizing Islam, but migrants can rape kids without being persecuted, people are going to regret not defending their country. The more people who come out as alt right, the more the movement will be normalized, and the less people will be persecuted.

Politics are changing and a revolution is arising. What is happening is more important than any individual. Even though the members of my family at the time of the American Revolution were Loyalists, I want people to think of themselves as patriots who are revolting against the establishment. Be a George Washington, a Robert E. Lee, or a Sam Houston. They would all be members of the alt right. This movement is literally defending our children from the genocide of our people. I want too see alt right members protesting gay marriage at the local church or having a white heritage seminar at the local library. We must not cower to the threat of being called a Nazi. We must grow in numbers, and take back the nation.

2 thoughts on “Political Activism

  1. If my friends and relatives on the right can rightly be called “Nazis,” then I take it the actual Nazis must have been pretty decent people overall.


  2. The lesson of Charlottesville is that demonstrations are hard to control and they will always reach the general public through the filter of hostile media. The burka on Maria Theresa was a smart gesture because there was a good chance the photo would go viral (this is what 19th century anarchists called “the propaganda of the deed”), but no property was destroyed and nobody got hurt. Thus it triggers subversive thoughts in the minds of Normies without setting off their “Crimethink” alarms.


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