Our Goys

So far Donald Trump has not been the most successful president, or at least with issues concerning us. Syria was bombed. The muslim ban failed. The Wall has yet to be built. DACA has not been repealed and thousands of illegals are getting amnesty every day.  Two of the most fundamental reasons why members who identify as alternative right supported Donald Trump was because of his paleoconservative outlook on both immigration and foreign policy. Sure unemployment is low and I.C.E. is actually enforcing immigration law for once, but so far there has been a number of empty promises Donald Trump made during the campaign.

Don’t get me wrong, a presidency under Hillary Clinton would be far worse. Hillary would be importing millions of third world immigrants by the day, and we would be entangled in some World War 3 involving Russia and Syria. Out of every politician in office in the United States, Donald Trump is the closest one to being our guy, yet he is far from being our guy. The idea of  “Make America Great Again” is more of an idea than a campaign slogan, to those on the alt right. This shows that we have real ideas for the future of the nation and are not just a group of Trump cheerleaders, like those in the alt light. Many on the alt right have serious concerns with a Trump presidency, but we all realize that he is by far the best possible candidate we could have at this time. We only have about four to eight years to grow our movement, because the next president, neocon or democrat, will do nothing but try and crush the movement.

The entire bureaucracy of Washington D.C. is doing their best to undermine Trump every chance they get. Donald Trump is definitely not red pilled on most issues and most likely doesn’t listen to Fash the Nation every Sunday, but we do have a select few in his cabinet who are somewhat ‘our guys’. Probably the most influential of these people was Steve Bannon who was just fired as Donald Trumps Chief Strategist yesterday. Out of all the people Donald Trump has fired in the last few weeks, Bannon was really one of the only people whom we needed to stay. Trumps base needs to let him know that he will lose support if all he does is try to appease the deep state.

Huff Post wrote the headline titled “Goy, Bye” with a picture of Steve Bannon, referring to his removal from the White House. The term Goy refers to a non-jew. The site was celebrating the removal of a white from the capitol. Even though Huff Post is part of mainstream media, many even on the left were appalled for the anti-semitic remarks claiming that the federal government is heavily influenced by Jews.


After major controversy, Huff Post changed the headline from “Goy, Bye” to “White Flight”. This way they could still offend white people, but weren’t at risk for being anti-semitic.1503084862850

The firing of Steve Bannon was a major blow to us on the far right. Trumps cabinet is now filled even more with globalist CEO’s with nothing but their companies in mind. However, we still have a few guys in the White House to help Trump “Make America Great Again”.

Steve Miller is the White House staffer other than Bannon that we were set on keeping during Trumps firing frenzy. Bannon is now gone, but we still have Miller. While none of these guys have said anything remotely friendly about the alt right, they are pushing for somewhat paleoconservative and nationalist policies. Steve Miller is Trumps senior advisor for policy who worked closely with Bannon. Miller has done a lot of work on immigration restriction and cracking down on sanctuary cities. The muslim travel ban was formed by both Miller and Bannon.

We do not want to see another neocon presidency like during the Bush era, were we were having our young men blown up in the Middle East while millions of foreigners invaded our nation. The folks who supported Donald Trump need to let him know that he will not get re-elected in 2020 if he does not fulfill campaign promises or somewhat attempt to fulfill them. There is no reason for him to try and please people who will never support him. Trump has already made quite a few mistakes, but it’s not too late to turn around his presidency. He needs to keep Miller, build the wall, end DACA, get out of Syria, and listen to his base. If that starts happening you just might see Donald back in the White House in 2020.

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