Taking back Germany

Many of my first readers have heard about the infamous german teacher of mine. The one that spent an entire year of class defaming students who held support for Donald Trump. If you haven’t you can read the article here.

Since the 2016 election cycle is over and Donald Trump has been in office for over 6 months, the anti trump preaching from my german teacher is beginning to die down. Since it is a German class we’ve started off the year by actually learning about something related to Germany. We have been learning about Germany’s national election which is taking place this September. Angela Merkel has been the Chancellor of Germany since 2005 is running for office again. Angela Merkel is part of the Christian Democrat Party, to most she is considered the most liberal of a candidate possible. Yet somehow in Western Europe importing thousands of criminals and jihadis into your country isn’t liberal enough. The candidate who is behind Merkel in the polls is Martin Schulz leader of the left-leaning Social Democrats, who is somehow even farther on the left than Merkel herself. Election of either of these candidates would only quicken the crumbling of German society.

Germany has beautiful architecture, culture, and people. Having Germans spending their weekends in lederhosen, drinking locally brewed beer, eating fresh wienerschnitzel, and smoking their pipes with the alps in the background and their families by their side is a beautiful sight. Germany is a land with so much beauty in both the land and the people, and they should protect it at all costs. Angela Merkel will do nothing but destroy the German people and their livelihood for the sake of corporations and bankers. And this Martin Schulz wins, the Germans may be in an even worse situation we were in before.

Martin Schultz, similar to Angela Merkel, has tried his best to stay quiet on the immigration issue. Even though it is by far the largest problem Europe is facing today, neither politician wants to make controversial comments on the issue. Schultz claims that he doesn’t think the country should hand out asylum to everyone, but that people should be given the chance to come to Europe and better their life. This most likely translates to importing the same amount of immigrants as Merkel has.

Even though he isn’t looking good in the polls, our support should be for Alexander Gauland. He is the candidate for the Alternative for Deutschland party. Alternative for Deutschland, is a right wing nationalist party in Germany. It has grown tremendously in response to the government of Germany shipping in thousands of unwanted migrants into the country. We have seen nationalist movements like these spark one after the other throughout the western world. Brexit and the election of Donald Trump are the only two that have made a real impact so far. However, last year we saw a massive surge in votes for the populous party in both France and the Netherlands, with the campaigns of Geert Wilders and Marie Le Pen. Both losing their elections but only slightly and because of opposing party coalitions.

Germany has virtually no chance of electing a nationalist chancellor, but this is largely due to the massive censorship online pertaining to the German election. Accounts posting anything against Angela or migrants is automatically deleted. Even if we can’t make any headway having to do with the position of chancellor, the party can make headway earning a few parliamentary seats. The first step to changing the system is having your people slowly and quietly infiltrate the system. That is the step you need to take before having some huge grassroots movement. A good tactic that the alt right and other American nationalist movements need to copy is that of posting public ads for political parties. All over Germany and even Austria it is not uncommon to see a political party campaigning on a billboard on the side of the road. Here are some examples of ads that Alternative for Deutschland have released to the public.

Burkas? We’re going out in Bikinis.
The Muslims? Do not fit in our kitchen.
The track of the World Chancellor through Europe.
New Germans? We can make them by ourselves.

After this online purge that the alt right has just gone through, we need to start red pilling more and more in the real world similar to that of the ads of Alternative for Deutschland.

3 thoughts on “Taking back Germany

  1. Btw, concerning the poster below picturing the bikini clad backsides of German babes – that was a theme that was making its rounds in “conservative” circles here in the U.S. a decade and more back.

    Read Libido Dominandi by E. Michael Jones if and when you get the chance. It’s available in free pdf download.


  2. Once the borders are controlled, the Germans must face up to the underlying causes: ethno-masochism, consumerism, and sub-replacement birth rates. Their prestigious press must mock Germans who forego marriage and children in order to spend more time on their careers and vacations. A haggard old cat lady like Merkel must be generally seen, not as an exemplar, but as a sad joke. Every society contains plenty of decadent and dysfunctional behavior; but a society becomes decadent and dysfunctional when decadent behavior is normalized, or even celebrated. This is, of course, one objection to the AFD bikini add. They should have shown a women in a dirndl. Don’t fall into the trap of arguing that we must defend the West in order to make the world safe for libertines. Decadence will either be reversed, or it will proceed to collapse. Decadence cannot be sustained.

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